Sequoyah senior Braxton Bulman dribbles the ball during the Eagles’ season opener March 4 against Grove. Bulman tallied 13 goals and seven assists through the first eight games.

Taking an inside look at historic start for Sequoyah boys soccer

Sequoyah boys soccer has established itself as one of the best teams in Class 3A this season.

According to Sequoyah superintendent Dr. Terry Saul, the Eagles are off to their best start in school history with an 8-0 record. As of Tuesday morning, they are the only undefeated team left in Class 3A.

Sequoyah, which opened the season March 4, already owns two tournament championships, winning the Wagoner Invitational and the Locust Grove Classic.

Eagles fifth-year coach Barry Bulman spoke with Progress sports editor Kevin Green about his team’s early success and playoff aspirations.

1. How has this season played out through your eyes?

We generally start nine to 10 seniors out of 11 players on the field, and they’ve all been playing with me since they were freshmen. The games they were losing by one or two goals as freshmen and sophomores, they’re winning by one or two goals. It’s that maturity level of having the older, more experienced players that are used to playing together. They want to go out with a bang — that’s their thing — and they’re owning it. All I’m doing is organizing them.

2. What sets this team apart from some of your past squads?

The trust level. My son (Braxton Bulman) is on this team. These are all guys who have been at my house hanging out with my son and going out places with us. They’ve just all been best friends, and a lot of them weren’t soccer players, but they wanted to give it a shot, and I just told them, ‘If we get good athletes, I can turn you into soccer players, guys.’ All of these guys have bought into that and worked hard. They’re ready to go, and the team unity is really strong with this group. Not a single one of them has quit since they started out with us as ninth graders. Every one of them has been with us the entire time.

3. Did you expect this group would be this successful?

I knew they’d be pretty good, but I wasn’t sure how good. I told Dr. Saul their freshman year that if I could keep all these guys together through their senior year, they’re going to be a special group. We weren’t sure how good, but providing we don’t get too many injuries — we’re not too deep bench wise — and we stay healthy, I feel like we’ll get somewhere into the midrange playoffs if not all the way. You can’t ever tell what the privates will show up with because they can reload their roster every year.

4. How do you think you guys compare to some of those private schools and perennial powers?

“I feel like we’d match up pretty well, for sure. My starting 11 can play with anybody’s, and when you get into the playoffs, a lot of times it’s about how deep you go. My bench is solid, but my bench is all freshmen and sophomores. I have one junior on the whole squad.

5. Who are some of your top players?

My son has signed with NSU already, and he has I think 13 goals and seven assists on the season, and we have Tyler Kruis, who I think is going to sign with NEO. He has I think nine goals this season. Garrett Hoffman has seven or eight goals this season. All three of those are my center mids, and most of our offense is coming out of our midfield right now. My defense, we’ve outscored opponents 29-5. We’re not giving up many goals, so that helps tremendously as well. And then I’ve got a really solid keeper in Wyatt Ramsey. He is really solid in the goal. We’re a very well-rounded team.

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