RSU dance earns national championship opportunity

The Rogers State dance squad celebrates after qualifying for the national competition. It will in the Gameday competition and perform the Home Routine competition.

ST LOUIS, Mo. – The Rogers State dance team participated in the Universal Dance Association team camp, earning qualification to the UDA College National Championships.

The camp, which featured extensive choreography training and competitions in various areas, lasted four days and saw the Hillcats go up against programs from all over the region, including Michigan, Illinois and South Dakota.

The Hillcats competed in two team competitions, as well as each member competing in an individual competition, earning several awards.

“We are very excited for our upcoming season and the fresh new material we’re bringing to our home court from the UDA camp,” dance coach Amy Alt said. “The ladies are ready to support our Hillcats and entertain our home crowd.”

The individual competition saw each of the members of the dance team earn the superior ranking with performances of assigned routines.

Each participant in the individual routine was given a routine 24 hours prior to the competition, earning one of three rankings with superior being the highest evaluation.

As a team, the Hillcats competed in the Home Routine competition and the Gameday competition.

In the Home Routine competition, the Hillcats performed their hip-hop routine and finished the competition in third place.

In the Gameday competition, the Hillcats had to learn a sideline chant, sideline dance, media timeout dance routine and perform a fight song.

Teams were given their routines and had 24 hours to learn prior to competing. The Hillcats again earned superior status for their routines.

Rogers State was also given the Program Improvement Award, which was given to a team who had attended UDA camps in previous years and has shown tremendous growth as a program and continues to thrive year after year.

With their performance at the camp, the Hillcats have the opportunity to compete in the UDA College National Championships.

The event will be hosted in January of 2020 in Orlando, Fla. RSU will perform in both the Home Routine competition with its hip-hop routine, as well as the Gameday competition.

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