Some call her "aggressive."

Verdigris girls soccer coach Stacy Risenhoover calls her "determined."

For senior Aubrey Lechlider, who led her Lady Cardinals to the Class 4A state championship last year, it is just something that happens when those competitive juices start flowing through her veins.

When Lechlider steps onto the soccer field, she gets into the zone. She gets to every 50-50 ball, marks her opponents with strength, and scores whenever her team needs her to.

It's just the way she's always been.

"I've just always been aggressive," Lechlider said Wednesday as she was signing her national letter of intent to play soccer for the University of Tulsa next season. "I played basketball and soccer, and that pushed me to be more of an aggressive person. I just use it in my soccer game."

Her two goals lifted Verdigris past Clinton in last year's 2-1 semifinal win, and she also scored both goals in the state championship game, a 2-0 win over Skiatook. She has 82 career goals and is closing in on the school scoring record held by Emily Hahn, who had 129. She also has 27 assists, just behind Caitlyn Hanslovan who had 94 goals and 49 assists for the Cardinals.

Her coach backs off of the "aggressive" moniker, however.

"I believe very determined is what I like to call it," said Risenhoover. "She's been a really great influence on the rest of the team as far as work ethic, especially during games. She's ready to give everything she has in every game. We try to promote that as much as possible … to give everything you have in every game. She's a great example of that."

Verdigris finished 16-3 last year, and it is fair to say Lechlider played a key role in that championship run. She says she still gets chills when thinking about that championship game and when her entire teams dogpiled her as the final horn sounded.

She wants another state title, and Risenhoover does too.

"She is a major part of the championship we had last year," Risenhoover said. "In the stretch, she really did stand out. She scored two goals in the semifinals and she scored the two goals in the finals. She can handle the ball, she can get to any ball, she's big, she's fast, she's strong. She has what it takes and that's why she gets to go to a place like TU and play."

Lechlider is all those things, as well as polarizing. Teammates and fans of Verdigris love her, but opponents — well — not so much. She takes a lot of cheap shots as her foes try to get her off her game.

"It fuels me," Lechlider said. "It makes me even more determined."

"I believe they really try to get into Aubrey's head," Risenhoover said. "She's really starting to mature as that goes on when taking a double team or a triple team, and keeping her composure when they are pulling on her jersey or jerking her down. She does take a lot and doesn't get many calls. I don't know why … maybe because she is at a higher level."

That higher level will take her to an NCAA Division I school. At Tulsa, her goal is to be named freshman of the year.

"TU is a great school academically," Lechlider said. "It's all around. It's close to home. I get to see my family and they get to come watch me play, and I get the great soccer and the great academics."

But first things first … one more state title for her high school alma mater.

"We're looking forward to trying," Risenhoover said. "We have a great core coming back."