BMX Pryor

TULSA — USA BMX announced today that in line with the state of Oklahoma’s Open Up & Recover Safely (OURS), the inaugural Nabholz Bounce Back Nationals presented by MidAmerica Industrial Park will be the first racing event since the Lone Star Nationals in early March. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, BMX local tracks were forced to close over the past two months, giving USA BMX members no place to practice or race. In order to get tracks open and running practices and races safely, USA BMX has worked side-by-side with local sanctioned clubs and their local government agencies to make decisions based on information from state and local health departments.

“We could not be more excited to re-start the 2020 USA BMX National Series with the Nabholz Bounce Back Nationals,” said BA Anderson, USA BMX CEO. “It is fitting that a series which concludes in Oklahoma, the new home of USA BMX, will also have a rebirth in this great state. Our staff has worked tirelessly to create and implement new safety protocols to ensure that our BMX family can return to the race track and enjoy BMX on the national level. This will be a historic race in our sports’ history, and we are proud to host this event in partnership with Nabholz, Mayes County BMX and MidAmerica Industrial Park.”

Oklahoma’s Lieutenant Governor Matt Pinnell: "I'm thrilled that USA BMX is holding their first post-COVID-19 race at MidAmerica's BMX track in Pryor. While we are still under social distancing policies with spectators at this time, this national race will highlight the new MidAmerica facility in Oklahoma and the specter of live sports will provide much-needed entertainment during these times. The long term effect of having USA BMX races in Oklahoma will result in a great positive economic impact for our state, and we're incredibly excited to have them here."

“MidAmerica Industrial Park’s involvement with USA BMX is a result of our commitment to providing educational programs to the youth of our area,” said David Stewart, CAO for MidAmerica. “MidAmerica heavily invests in workforce development and began donating BMX-oriented STEM kits to schools with great response. We decided to increase our investment and ultimately construct our own track, which has resulted in a wonderful partnership. With the USA BMX headquarters moving to Oklahoma, it is a great opportunity for us to host the return to national racing while following local and federal health guidelines to ensure the safety of all participants.”

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